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Ketamine Pricing

Ketamine is a powerful, paradigm-shifting tool. However, it is NOT intended as a one-time treatment or cure. Research published in The American Journal of Psychiatry shows IV ketamine treatments are most effective in an induction series of six infusions within a two-to-three-week period. When you’re ready to commit to transformation, we will recommend a personalized regimen that loosely mirrors this approach. However, we have found that six is not a “magical” number of ketamine sessions required; some clients need less, some may need more. These sessions also can occur at a once-a-week cadence to allow for adequate integration in between medicine journeys.

We charge an initial consultation fee of $300. After the consultation, if we feel that you are a suitable candidate to undergo ketamine therapy, we ask that you commit to two (2) ketamine sessions as part of your journey.   Experience has shown that frequently one session is not enough to fully manifest the changes you seek. When you commit to your ketamine journey you will receive: two 2hr in-office sessions ($850/session), one (1) hour preparation and two (2) 30 minute integration video sessions with a certified psychedelic coach to assist with preparation and integration, a Mindfold eye shade, a vegan-leather reflection journal, personal Caretaker simple finger sensor, and free Osmind access and online support community.

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Stellate Ganglion Block Pricing

Depending on your needs and how you respond to the first SGB treatment, you and your doctor may decide that two treatments are necessary for you to experience maximal benefit and improvement.

First Treatment


Second Treatment


For our ketamine therapy patients


for each SGB treatment

Vitamin Infusions and Injections Pricing

NAD+ Infusions

Research shows that patients experience the greatest benefit of NAD+ after completing a series of 5 infusions. We also recommend that you follow your series with one bottle of NAD+ nasal spray to support a sustained effect from the infusion.

Series of 5 NAD+ infusions: $3,250
1 NAD+ nasal spray bottle: $100

B-Complex Vitamins


Per infusion



Per infusion



Per infusion

Methylated Vitamin B12 Injection


Per intramuscular injection

Vitamin D Injection


Per intramuscular injection

Vitamin C Infusion


Per infusion (includes 500 mL saline)

Alpha Lipoic Acid


Per infusion

Saline IV Infusion


Per 500 mL infusion

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