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Ignite Your Creativity

Limitless Possibilities for Processing Your Medicine Journeys

At Soft Reboot Wellness, we celebrate the boundless potential of human imagination and the diverse ways we process medicine journeys. While we offer various modalities as examples of what others have explored, we wholeheartedly encourage you to tap into your unique creativity and discover your own path of healing and integration.

With heartfelt gratitude, we share these creations, generously offered by our cherished clients, for you to enjoy and find inspiration.

bg 3 - bay area ketamine therapy at Soft Reboot Wellness

A Graphic Designer's Integration Journey

One Client's Poem:

Maybe one day ill get so angry

Ill combust into volcanic ash that shines like star glitter and stings like stilettos bites like the stinging nettles

of the childhood hill of my grandparents' house.

The hill where picked forget-me-nots praying to forget me but never got that lucky.

Maybe some part of me did get forgotten up there on that hill where I died.

Maybe that's why

I cant seem to die on any Ive built here no matter how many blue flowers I plant.

Blooming Brain Garden

Collage Related Journey

Client adds description below to accompany them:
Theme song is Billy Preston's "Outta Space" - the perfect tune for a couple of ketamine cowboys cruising through the multi-media universe in a banana slug shaped space vessel all decked out with a very plush blue crushed velvet (corduroy?) interior. Sara as my trusty co-pilot (although I thought for a minute she was steering the ship). I remember pulsating fur mountains and bandana skies...and lots of flowers, fungi and animals.

A Client Clay Art Piece

Integration Sketches

Trippy Doodles

Transcendent Tails

Exploring the Ketamine Journey by Cultivating Joy through Canine Art

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