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Reboot your mind and rediscover yourself with IV ketamine infusions.

At Soft Reboot Wellness, we partner with you to curate an individualized, transformative experience within our tranquil Silicon Valley sanctuary.

Our mission is to restore artistry to medicine. Healthcare works best when holistic and tailored to the whole person. We fuse elements from traditional medicine and integrative therapy to create a comprehensive treatment plan personalized to your health and wellness goals. We use IV ketamine to facilitate inward exploration, catalyze your transformation, and, ultimately, guide you to cultivate your inner healer within.

IV ketamine therapy helps you rewrite the limiting stories you tell.

The limiting stories we tell ourselves—we are anxious, damaged, depressed, burnt out, failures, beyond hope, fill in the blank—are powerful. They shape our perceptions, decisions, and lives. But they are just that: stories. They are not YOU.

You are so much more. You are infinite. You are limitless.

Maybe you’ve tried other methods to feel better and only ended up more frustrated and hopeless. You deserve a treatment that works, one that helps you transcend old stories and provides a portal to your truest self.

IV ketamine can reboot your mind and unlock access to different stories—stories of empowerment, wholeness, and healing. If you’re ready for this kind of discovery and growth, let’s write your next chapter together.

Patient therapy

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”

- Hippocrates

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Reboot your mind and rediscover yourself with IV ketamine infusions.

Founder Dr. Sara Herman personally administers and monitors all treatments.

With over 12 years of experience administering ketamine in operating rooms, Dr. Sara deeply understands the nuance of personalizing IV therapies safely. Relying on a range of data—including your feedback—she adjusts infusions specifically to your chemistry and needs to guarantee the most effective treatment while always abiding superior standards of safety and care.

What to expect on your Journey

When you feel called to the path toward transformation, we’re here, waiting to escort you on the journey.

Ketamine treatment san francisco - soft reboot wellness in san francisco, ca

We love collaborating with other professionals to restore our patients’ mental health.

We partner with patients’ primary treatment teams for a truly integrative, individualized approach to care. Operating under the principles of patience, presence, and empathy, we prioritize post-treatment followup and use the Osmind EHR software and mood-tracking app…

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